Zero in NCAP crash tests for Maruti Swift and Datsun Go

Maruti Suzuki Swift crash test 2014 results

Shocking as it might seem, but the popular Maruti Suzuki hatchback model Swift has not managed to score anything in the Global NCAP crash test. The Maruti Suzuki Swift premium compact hatchback is a very popular model in India. However, the car has not been able to pass the very important NCAP crash tests which marks the car’s safety and ability to withstand an unfortunate event like a road crash.

Maruti Swift is not the only one to fail the important crash tests, as the entry-level compact hatchback model from Nissan the Datsun Go has also scored a big zero in the crash tests. The Datsun Go competes with the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Alto in India, and has not been able to grab much attention. Both the crash tests failure models of the Swift and Go were base models.

The Global NCAP testing agency mandates all the tested cars to offer airbags and ABS as standard features. As both Swift and the Go do not offer these features in the base models, they did not have a chance to pass the tests. While Maruti Suzuki does offer airbags and ABS on the top model trims of the Swift car, Nissan does not offer this at all, even as an additional optional package. The Global NCAP also pointed out that the Maruti Swift’s structural integrity was not stable enough which is in stark contrast with the European spec Swift which received a five star certification from NCAP’s European wing. The grim fact is that the crash model’s dummy driver in the Indian spec Swift received close to fatal injuries, as did the dummy passenger of the car when the tests were conducted at the speed of only 64 km per hour.

The safety tests also proved the Datsun Go to be far weaker that the Swift’s build quality, as the Go’s body shell disintegrated more than the Swift. The Global NCAP said that the Go’s body shell got so severely damaged that both the dummy driver and passenger received fatal injuries all over.  The NCAP has also clearly pointed that merely fitting an airbag in the Datsun Go will not improve its crash ratings, because of its poor build quality. This declaration will surely raise consciousness among the consumers.

On the other hand, the Datsun Go did slightly better than the Maruti Swift in the child protection tests. While the Go scored two stars, the Swift got only one. Earlier, many more good selling Indian cars including the Ford Figo, Tata Nano and Maruti Alto also failed Global NCAP crash tests. These tests have also prompted Volkswagen Polo and Toyota Liva to offer dual airbags as standard. On the failure of Datsun Go, Nissan India said that the company is very much willing to adopt the safety standards, Maruti has not yet commented.  The Indian NCAP has also made it mandatory to offer ABS and airbags on all cars as standard by 2016.