Yamaha YZF-R15 version 1.0 to be reintroduced in the Indian market

Yamaha YZF-R15 S

One of the first bikes to shape up the two-wheeler market was the Yamaha YZF R15. The fully faired bike with performance on tap made it a crowd favorite and made a huge fan-base for itself. The R15 made the Japanese manufacturer hit some insane sales numbers and helped fill up the treasury for the company.

They followed it up by launching the Yamaha R15 2.0. The bike was a sportier version of the Yamaha YZF-R15 version 1.0 and was well received by the automotive community. The main difference of the bike was the single seat design, which was replaced by a sportier two-seat design.

When the YZF-R15 2.0 was introduced in the India market, it replaced its predecessor. Now Yamaha India plans to re-introduce the first generation YZF-R15 and sell it along side the YZF-R15 version 2.0. It will be sold under the YZF-R15 S name.

The bike will be an updated version of the first-gen YZF-R15. Apart from getting the single seat back, it will feature a new design on the alloy wheels, which will sport wider tyres. The paint scheme and graphic design on the bike will be updated to give it a refreshed look. The pillion rider handle bar too will have a functional and aesthetic change as well.

No word on engine specifications has been confirmed, but the engine will definitely receive an upgrade to stay up with its archrivals. The YZF-R15 S will actually bring more customers into the Yamaha camp. The original bike had performance, comfort and even the pillion rider was happy. The single seat design also allowed adding more luggage in case of long distance rides. The reintroduction of the Yamaha YZF-R15 (version 1.0) and selling it along with the R15 2.0 makes complete sense. This way the company would cater to their entire customer needs and at the same time keep the sales numbers increasing. No specific launch date or official announcement has been made, but you’ll hear from us when they do.

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Source – Motoroids