Yamaha VMAX completes 30 years: JvB-moto presents a yard built “infrared” VMAX to celebrate this occasion

jvb moto yamaha vmax

The Yamaha VMAX was an instant hit since its launch in 1985. The bike was an amazing dragster, as well as a civilized street bike. It was brilliant in stock, but was better known for aftermarket customization.

The bike marked its 30th year in production in 2015, and to celebrate the occasion Yamaha tied up with German custom bike legend JvB-moto. JvB-moto has taken a stock VMAX and put it under the knife and the end result is every biker’s dream. JvB has done a “yard build”, and the bike consists of completely customized parts, ranging from front mudguard to fuel tank to exhaust. The JvB bike has a very café racer meets dragster feel, and looks in motion even at standstill!

jvb moto yamaha vmax image 8

The front end of the bike has a custom-made aluminium mudguard, which is tucked away below a custom fabricated carbon fiber headlamp, which is integrated into the front forks. The handlebars are custom clip on after market bars, which look as good as they handle. The speedometer is built by the Legendary American company Autometer which makes a dragster`s rev counter. The Fuel tank is custom fabricated and made of carbon. The airbox and electrics are heavily modified. The air intake scoops are made using the aluminium from the VMAX’s manufactured in the 80’s.

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The bike not only has the looks to kill, but also has an exhaust note that is mind blowing. The exhaust system has a custom 4-1 collectors, and is complimented by a growling Termignoni silencer. The paint job is in sync with the company’s GP team of 1985. This reflects authenticity, and adds another personal touch to the anniversary edition.

“The Yamaha VMAX has been an icon without rival since it burst onto the streets in 1985 as the ultimate drag racer inspired street bike. It was immediately a favourite with fans across the world, not only in its standard form, but also as a base for personalization and customization. To respect the culture that has grown around this icon we’ve chosen to celebrate 30 years of the VMAX by working with three highly respected custom builders to create three VMAX specials that will inspire not just Yamaha, but also owners of the VMAX and those who maybe want to own one. We’re starting this exciting anniversary build year with cult German builder JvB-moto.” Is what Shaun Miyazawa had to say, who is the Product manager of Yamaha Europe.

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