Yamaha unveils the YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M at EICMA 2014

Yamaha R1 2015

The new Yamaha R1 is equipped with a 200PS motor

Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha has introduced a new flagship sports bike model, the R1. As was expected from before, the new Yamaha R1 is equipped with a 200PS motor that is empowered with an array of great electronic advantages. The R1 sports bike is also equipped with cross plane crankshaft technology that was first introduced on the 2009 R1 sports bike, but the powertrain gets updates that comprise of larger air-box, new air intake and exhaust pipes, a bigger bore which has become 1 mm larger than before at 79mm. The engine also gets a new fuel injection system, new lightweight pistons that weigh much less than that of the earlier model, and many more improvements. All these powertrain revisions have been done to increase the power output figure to an outstanding 200PS, and have also helped in improving the bike’s low and top speed responsiveness and ride quality, as Yamaha claims.

The new Yamaha R1 has also got a leaner frame which has become light weight at 199kg with its tank full and also boasts of improved performance. The famed under the seat exhaust pipes have also been left to be replaced with more conventional titanium exhaust pipes which the company claims to have saved weight and also enhance the power output. This sports bike also features a great chassis which comprises of a shorter wheelbase and swing arm. The bike’s front axle has now become thicker, and Yamaha MotoGP’s rider Valentino Rossi also says that it also offers a great ride and high-performance feel.

The new Yamaha R1’s extensive electronics package comes with measurement which has a six axis inertial unit that utilizes three gyro sensors comprising of measuring yaw and roll, pitch, as well as three G-sensors that are used for the measurement of the forward, backward and side movements. The sensors also offer information to an ECU on-board the bike which then analyzes the data 125 times per second in order to calculate the bike’s exact ride position, and then the ECU instantaneously adjusts the bike′s different electronic controls in order to offer greater control all the time no matter what the ride condition.

As far as the electronic control systems are concerned, these include an anti-wheelie, launch control system, comprehensive traction control, rear wheel slide control system, quick shift system and the company’s Ride Control system which offers 4 easy and quick presets for a range of electronic systems. The new Yamaha R1 is really visually appealing with a very no-nonsense functional and aggressive appeal as well. The bike has a stylish face along with hidden LED headlights. Yamaha also claims that the R1 has much more MotoGP inputs as compared to any other superbike available. The company also unveiled a total performance oriented limited edition R1 M spec for the tracks. The new Yamaha R1 M features boasts of extraordinary equipment including communication control & carbon fairing, adjustable race-spec dampers, integrated GPS lighter alloy wheels and special Bridgestone tyres. The new Yamaha R1 will be launched in the first half of 2015.

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