Yamaha India introduces women and children specific helmet range

Yamaha helmet

Yamaha helmet range for women

New Delhi has made it mandatory to wear helmets for the women two wheeler riders, be it the riders themselves or the pillion passengers. Following this rule, Yamaha Motor India Sales has launched a new range of headgears specially meant for women and children. This new helmet series from the house of Yamaha are priced in the range of Rs. 990 and Rs. 1,380. While commenting on this new government rule for the riders in the city, Yamaha Motor India Sales (YMIS) in a statement said that the mandate of the Delhi state government that all woman riders even on the pillion seats are supposed to wear helmets is a really praiseworthy move.

The Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Yamaha Motor India Sales, Roy Kurian said that on the very first day of the implementation of this move, the company could clearly notice that many women riders were being fined for not wearing helmets, and it was also noticed that most of the women riders were giving the excuses of things like non-availability of women specific helmets. Catering to this specific requirement of the women riders of the country, the company is very happy to launch Yamaha’s new range of helmets which are exclusively designed for women.

Kurian also added by saying that helmets are very important for all the riders for ample safety, and this is especially more true for the kids. Wearing helmets is a crucial requirement which is more important for children pillion riders. Kurian further added that the company would also like to urge the Indian government to start working on this crucial point and make the requirement of wearing helmets mandatory for the kids as well.

Yamaha Motor India Sales has carefully noticed that the kids’ specific helmets are also not easily available in the market, and some are not even properly built to offer ample amount of protection in the event of a road crash. Thus, the company’s newly launched helmet range offers a series of exclusively designed helmets for women as well as children. The new helmet series will be offered for sale at all the authorized Yamaha dealership outlets across the country, which the company says have been tagged at a price range of Rs. 990 and Rs. 1,380.

The company further revealed that the new Yamaha helmets meant exclusively for the women riders have been tagged between Rs. 990 and Rs. 1380, while the helmets meant for the kids are priced at Rs. 1,350. The new Yamaha helmet range was fully conceptualized and developed by Yamaha Motor India Sales and is ISI certified. While it is mandatory for all the riders to wear helmets, the pillion riders, especially women don’t wear helmets, which expose them to increased risk of fatalities in road accidents. Similarly, children are almost always seen without helmets risking the young, delicate lives. Strict government rules and more availability of specific helmets are expected to change this scenario.

Yamaha India launches new helmet range for Women

Yamaha India launches new helmet range for Women

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