World’s best designer signs off with new 2.27 crore bike

Tamburini T12 Massimo image 1

The Ducati 916 and the MV Augusta are often referred to as the most enticing designs ever made in the motorcycling industry. But what people don’t know is the fact that both these beautiful pieces of engineering were designed by the same man, who many people call as the World’s best motorcycle designer, ever. Massimo Tamburini, the man behind these legendary designs, died of cancer two years ago, but he had a last trick left up his sleeve. And here it is! Massimo’s last bike has been unveiled with a price tag of Rs 2.27 Crore, and just the looks of it can justify the aforementioned hefty price tag.

After his death, his son Andrea took the responsibility to push his father’s last design to execution, and thus the Tamburini T12 Massimo was born. The name in itself describes a lot of personality traits of the legendary Italian bike designer, as Tamburini is his last name, T is his initial, 12 is his lucky number, and Massimo is not only his first name, but also means ‘maximum’ in Italian. This is a deliberate attempt by Andrea who wished to convey her father’s characteristic to try and achieve the maximum out of everything.

Talking about the mechanicals, the T12 Massimo bike is built on an all-new, freshly built trellis frame chassis which can be adjusted in the flexural rigidity department through a special patented system. The engine offered with the Italian superbike is sourced from the mighty BMW S1000RR, and has been further fiddled with to produce 233PS of peak power. And with many weight saving measures like magnesium headstock and rear plates, and a carbon fiber body and fuel tank, the T12 Massimo weighs just 150kg without fuel. This enhances the way this bike accelerates after every twist of the throttle.

Just two prototypes of the T12 superbike currently exist, with each of them being priced at $3,32,000 (around 2.27 Crore INR).

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