Why are car lovers obsessed with car-wreck videos of exotic cars?

(Laferrari accident video on YouTube)

Recently a rather interesting video surfaced on the Internet. It shows a LaFerrari cruising down a busy road in Budapest. As the driver accelerates hard, the vehicle loses traction and the driver being unable to control the vehicle, crashes it onto a few cars parked on the sidewalk. The video was uploaded close to 4 days ago and has already garnered upto 1 million views plus (almost as expensive as the car itself ironically).

The driver of the LaFerrari had just taken delivery of his 960bhp V12 hypercar and the accident happened on his way back from the Ferrari dealership.

(Audi R8 crash video)

Another incident that occurred on our own home soil became a YouTube viral video. Remember the Parx super car show incident in Mumbai where the Audi R8 caught fire on the Sea link? The video of the exact moment when the car caught fire was captured on camera and was posted online. It shows a rally of supercars (Aventadors, Bentley’s, BMW M3’s) at the exit of the sea link putting up a show for by standers.  When the Audi R8 reaches the end of the sea link, a cloud of smoke is seen coming out of the vehicle, which soon turns into a raging fire. This video has been viewed over a million times.

(Bugatti Veyron Lake crash video)

In another accident that occurred a few years ago, a Bugatti Veyron (the fastest road car in production at the time) lost control and crashed into a lake. The video shows the Veyron cruising down the road when the driver losses control and lands up crashing into the lake. That video has been viewed close to 7.3 million times since it went up on.

Now you would ask yourself a question. Why do people like seeing videos like there? Why would any car enthusiast like seeing an exotic automobile crash/catch fire/be driven into a lake?

The answer is simple it’s because these cars are exotic! To own one of these exotic supercars you`ll have to sell your house and both your kidneys or win a huge lottery for normal car enthusiasts like us to purchase one of these beauties. That’s why we settle for Honda civics with an aftermarket exhaust :).

Why don’t videos of prius’s or corolla’s meeting with accidents get viewed as much as the LaFerrari or Bugatti crash videos?

Because those cars are too real, something you and I could afford. Something that wouldn’t cost as much as a brand new car itself to repair. These exotic cars are usually found in the forms of posters on our walls and there is a sense of drama when you’d see a video of that exotic car meeting with a mishap.

There are only a total of 499 LaFerrari’s that will be produced. It costs close to 1.4 Million dollars and the sale is by invitation only. You’d have to get invited over by the Folks at Maranello to be eligible to purchase one of these. Imagine being given that privilege and then going ahead and crashing that vehicle just after taking delivery of it. Now to top it off, that very moment the car driver loses control and crashes into parked cars is captured on camera. That is what makes it so sensational. How often do you see a car like that meet with an accident?

Would it be that exciting to see a Toyota corolla meet with such an accident? If captured on video, would it garner as many views as the Bugatti/Ferrari/Audi R8 videos do? You just answered that question in your head when you read it!

“Symphorophilia is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal involves staging and watching a disaster, such as a fire or a traffic accident.” Is how Wikipedia describes Symphorophilia. Now that’s an extreme definition of a mental disorder, but you get the flow. People get excited (or sexually aroused according to Wikipedia) when they see videos of their favorite exotic sports car/luxury car meeting with an accident.

There are YouTube channels and websites dedicated to posting videos and photographs of luxury/sports car meeting their terrible fate. These particular platforms manage to get huge amounts of web traffic and are solely dedicated to showing you cars getting into accidents. There are YouTube channels like Crash compilation and websites like wrecked exotics. Their names are pretty much self-explanatory and give a clear idea of what you’d expect to find there. “Wrecked exotic” has filters such as type of driver (male/female/young/drunk), type of vehicle (tuned/exotic) and location of the crash!

These videos also show you how much raw power these cars have and how quickly things can go wrong if given in inexperienced hands. Sometimes we measure a cars potential by how much horsepower it has, these videos go on to prove how powerful they actually are! At the end of the day you might have all the money in the world to buy a Ferrari but none of that money will teach you to drive it.

Drive safe and wear your seatbelts. Are you addicted to car wreck videos? We want to hear from you. Share your thoughts by using the comments section below. If you liked the article share it with your friends by using the social media buttons below.