Watch this colour changing Lamborghini in action; thanks to thermochromic paint

Colour changing lamborghini Gallardo

German artist Rene Turrek has recently turned his attention to customizing paintjobs for cars. He used to be a well-respected street artist, who turned down his antics. He started working with corporate powerhouses and leaned into a different career path, which allowed him to keep his creative juices flowing.

Recently the man created a masterpiece. He applied thermochromic paint to a Lamborghini to give it a custom paintjob. The colour changing car looks like any other Lamborghini Gallardo in a fabulous purple paint job. The beauty of Rene’s work comes into play when warm water is applied on top of the car. It reveals an undercoat of a majestic Captain America painting. The intricate detail of the paintjob is mesmerizing to say the least.  Though when the temperature goes a little higher, the paint goes back to normal. The painting underneath will only reveal itself if the temperature is altered, which is mostly in nature`s hand most of the time.

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The paintjob is adversely affected by being exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time, and extra care should be taken to keep the car in a cool parking space. The colour changing car is a tribute to Captain America and is called the “First Avenger.” This however is not the first case, a BMW X6 and a Nissan GTR have also received the thermochromic finish.

At 400$ a pint, the paint is not easy on the wallet. The costs to get a custom Thermochromic paintjob will run into thousands of dollars, and a wrap would be a better option if you like changing it up often.

Take a look at this video and let us know what you think.

News Source: Rene Turrek