Volvo Concept 26 is a car that can drive itself to office

Concept 26

With technology improving as we speak, car manufacturers are looking to develop vehicles for the future. While talking about future, the only thing that connects this with automobiles is autonomous driving. Volvo has joined the race for creating such cars as well and the company is finding means for travelling without wasting time in traffic while travelling to work everyday.

The Volvo Concept 26 has a suffix that stands for 26 minutes spent on an average for commuting to work. The Swedish company is looking to make us aware of the fact that we could do something much more useful and productive with these minutes, instead of just standing in city traffic. Their aim is to give freedom to the driver for driving his or her own way.

With three different driving modes including Drive, Create and Relax, the Concept 26 features a completely new seat design that gives the driver unparalleled comfort without occupying too much space. As and when the driver wants to relax and let the car drive on its own, the steering wheel moves back into the dashboard, the seat reclines back and a large display screen pops out that provides all the essential details about the vehicle.

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Also, the car’s seats can be adjusted in a way to enable passengers to do what they desire to without paying attention to where the car is going. To take this concept forward, Volvo is taking the Drive Me research project forward. If it turns out to be a success, then the end result will see the introduction of autonomous vehicles first in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. All the features seen on Concept 26 showcases the leaps and bounds by which Volvo is progressing when it comes to travelling safely from one place to another.

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