Volvo Autonomous Cars to drive on London Streets from 2017

Volvo autonomous cars drive me london

The Autonomous Car trend has suddenly spiked to an all-time high within the past one decade, and Volvo Cars has been a constant name that has been developing autonomous car tech that the manufacturer has now used to develop a fully autonomous vehicle under its bandwagon. And now, the Swedish car maker is planning its biggest autonomous driving trial on the public roads of London. Set to begin in 2017, this driving trial has been named ‘Drive Me London’ and will include real families driving the autonomous cars throughout London. This new trial comes on the backdrop of a similar announcement that Volvo made in China earlier this month.

In its initial stages, the Drive Me London trial will start from early 2017, but will feature a small number of semi-autonomous vehicles. In the second stage that will be executed in 2018, more than 100 autonomous cars will be put on the streets of London, and every activity will be monitored through advanced systems to see how the cars perform in real-life city environment.

volvo autonomous cars

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This is a long-coming development, as debate around the presence and success of autonomous cars has been in the air ever since Google’s self-driving car was put on streets and reported to have minor accidents. But recent results from an independent research have found out that autonomous cars have the potential to bring down the cases of car accidents by up to 30 per cent, as 90 per cent of the total accidents are caused by driver error.
We wish all the best to Volvo for its revolutionary drive trial!