Volvo achieves another safety milestone with new child seats

Volvo Child Seat image 1

Volvo has been a pinnacle as far as vehicular safety is concerned. Whether it is the presence of safety features that enhance the probabilities of passengers surviving a fatal crash, or advanced technologies that ensure minimum injuries to a pedestrian in case of a collision with a Volvo Car, the Swedish company has always tried to give an optimum solution for anything and everything related to vehicular safety. The fact that Volvo is the only company in the automotive industry that has officially claimed to achieve guaranteed passenger safety in its cars by 2020 tells us how serious the manufacturer is about this parameter. And with its new technology, Volvo now seems to be inclining its focus to child safety.

It is a well-known fact that Child seats play a vital role in keeping infants secure in case of a crash. But many parents across the globe have had a certain disliking for the entire concept of child seats, as they negatively affect the comfort of the child, by limiting the leg space on offer, and making the child feel hot due to padded upholstery. But to everybody’s wellness, Volvo seems to have found a solution to this.

The company has developed a set of three all-new Child seats with the help of Britax-Romer, which is made of 80% wool that makes the seat more breathable. This ensures that the child doesn’t feel warm in the seat. Moreover, since these Volvo Child seats are slimmer than conventional child seats, they liberate a lot more legroom for the child to spread his/her legs.

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The company also claims that these child seats are not only more durable than the conventional units available in the market, they are also more usable in a wide range of climate conditions.

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