Volkswagen`s GTI SuperSport Vision GT for PlayStation 3 revealed

GTI Supersport Vision GT 06

PlayStation fans of the Gran Turismo 6 now have the option of racing a new car on the digital race circuit. This new digital supercar is Volkswagen`s GTI Supersport Vision GT which is now available for downloading.

The GTI Supersport is powered by a monstrous 503HP VR6 TSI motor mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DSG). The GTI Supersport`s design is a combination of VW`s iconic GTI with pure racing design to set your pulse racing. This lethal combination of the GTI with its long racing tradition, can now head for the starting point on the Gran Turismo 6, exclusively on playstation 3.

The GTI Supersport Vision GT has already got PlayStation fans really excited. The massive 665Nm of torque helps the virtual GTI to reach a 0 – 100 Kmph in a mere 3.6 seconds. The car has a top whack of 300 kmph which the virtual racer can achieve with the gas pedal floored. All the 503 horses are transferred to the wheels via the 4motion all-wheel drive system. The GTI SuperSport is equipped with 20 inch alloy wheels to keep the car glued to the tarmac at all times.

The Supersport GTI`s basic shape still resembles the GTI pedigree but now every curve and vent on the latest GTI offering emanates racing character. The car has been optimized for a very low centre of gravity with the use of carbon fibre to keep the weight low. The new virtual supercar has an excellent power to weight ratio of 2.5 kilograms per horsepower.

One look at the GTI Supersport is enough to mesmerize you. The front end features a massive air intake, vertical lights, slim grille which houses the GTI bagding along with the awesome looking front skirts. The car has an extremely low road hugging stance and at the rear there is a diffuser and spoiler along the elongated tail lights. Volkswagen`s new virtual supercar comes in three funky colour options which you can choose from – Gran Turismo Red, Oryx White and Lapiz Blue.

The Gran Turismo racing game has been available since 2013 for PlayStation. This legendary race series is available with a combination of 1200 vehicles and a total of 37 circuits. If you`re a virtual game freak, we`d suggest you to go and get the GT6 for the sheer adrenalin kick that it offers.

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