Volkswagen displays newly developed 2.0 litre diesel motor and 10-speed DSG transmission

2 Litre VW diesel engine

The new 2.0 litre TDI motor produces 272 PS of power

Automotive majors are constantly sweating it out to invent something new or the other in a bid to improve the mobility system of the future. In the race of the global auto makers, German auto major Volkswagen is certainly not lagging behind. Volkswagen has recently introduced a new 10 speed DSG transmission gearbox as well as a newly developed 2 litre diesel mill in a technical presentation that took place in Germany. This powertrain will be featured under the hood of future Volkswagen cars as well as the Audi models.

The new Volkswagen 10 speed DSG gearbox is still codenamed as the DQ551 and Volkswagen has claimed that this transmission gearbox can efficiently help in the reduction of the harmful CO2 emissions as well as fuel consumption, thus making the cars more fuel efficient and environment friendly as well. Volkswagen also claims that the gear-shifts in this new 10 speed DSG gearbox will be smoother as compared to the 6 speed DSG transmission gearbox. Volkswagen has not revealed any more details regarding its 10 speed DSG transmission gearbox at the presentation, but more details can be certainly be expected to come out at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. Another fact that is also sure is that this transmission gearbox will be able to handle 550Nm of torque.

Volkswagen has also showcased its new 2 litre diesel motor at the same event. While the same diesel engine has been already been introduced in the 2015 Passat, it was a 240 PS max power generating variant, while the recently displayed unit has been tweaked to offer more power. This 2 litre Bi-turbo diesel mill now gets fine tuned to offer a greater max power output of 272 PS. This increased power figure has been achieved with the help of an electric booster along with the incorporation of optimized gas exchange cycles as well as VVT (variable valve train).

Showcasing its technological prowess to the fullest, Volkswagen has also showcased other technologies apart from its newly tweaked engine and transmission gearbox. The German car manufacturing company also displayed a new stop/start system version. This new start/stop system automatically turns off the engine when the car’s speeds goes below 7 km per hour. The same technology is also applicable even at higher speed when the accelerator pedal is released by the driver. This auto off start/stop system efficiently helps in saving fuel, making the car economical as well as eco-friendly.

Further innovative technology is combined with this new version of the engine start/stop system to make it more feasible. In order to compensate for the lost energy during constant braking while driving, Volkswagen also displayed the regenerative braking system. This system which is already popular in electric cars draws the kinetic energy that is produced during braking, and this energy is sent back to the battery of the car, making the recycling of energy a continuous process.

2015 Passat

The engine is a recalibrated version of 2.0 TDI powerplant seen on the 2015 Passat

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