Video worth watching: A truck jumps over an F1 car

Truck jumps over an F1 car

A truck which is used for transportation of goods/machinery, was driven by a stuntman who did stunts for the Fast and Furious movie franchise, just set the world record for the longest jump, and that too over a 2013 Lotus F1 car. Well this is a video of a truck jumping over an F1 car.

This stunt was set up by Lotus F1 sponsor EMC to showcase how motorsports can be redefined. The F1 car was driven by a stuntman who boasts of being the man behind most of James bond’s movie stunts. The record is 83 ft. and 17in. No feat like this has been attempted (it’s pointless and unnecessary), but this is a world record.

Don’t believe us? Watch for yourself and then watch it again on replay!