Video : Reverse gear champion Harpreet has been driving his car backwards since 2003

Harpreet devi reverse gear champion

For most of us, the reverse gear is used only when we want to parallel park. Not for Mr. Harpreet Devi. This man has been driving around Punjab in his Fiat Padmini in reverse gear since 2003.Yes, 2003, that’s almost a decade!

They say circumstances that we face, make us who we are. Back in 2003, Mr. Harpreet was driving on the national highway, and his car broke down. Not having a single penny in his pocket, his only option was to drive backwards, and that’s what he did. Not many people would have the patience and courage to do so.

Harpreet devi reverse gear champion image 1

10 years later, Mr. Harpreet can still be seen driving backwards in his Padmini on the streets of Bathinda. It has become his favorite past time, which has made him a local hero of sorts. Slight tinkering had to be done to the gearbox to allow him to go backwards for longer distances. All forward gears were changed to reverse, and vice versa. The iconic Padmini also has a siren fitted, along with headlamps at the rear.

Attached is a video grab of the man in action, have a look!