VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz and Jurassic park association continues after 18 years

Jurassic World 01

18 years ago Mercedes Benz M-class made its acting debut in the Hollywood movie “the Lost World: Jurassic park. Now Mercedes Benz will introduce a number of vehicles to play vital roles in the upcoming Jurassic park movie. The GLE coupe will make its debut in the Jurassic World, and this will show how Universal Pictures and Mercedes Benz continue their relationship 18 years on.

Jurassic World and Mercedes Benz partnership

Mercedes Benz India has an exuberant plan to promote the movie as well as the vehicle. Indian fans can test-drive the vehicle, and some lucky winners will stand a chance to drive the vehicle to the Jurassic relics. India is the home to original dinosaur relics, and has one of the highest reserves of dinosaur relics in the world. This makes it perfect for Mercedes to seize the opportunity to promote the vehicle and the movie. The plan has been laid, and will soon be aired on print, TV, Radio and social media.

Other Mercedes Benz vehicles in the movie will be the G-class SUV, the Unimog, G63 AMG 6X6 and the sprinter van. The movie releases on the 11th of June, and we are super excited to revisit old memories with this one.

Check out the below video showing Mercedes-Benz vehicles in action and let us know what you think.