VIDEO : Koenigsegg ‘Megacar’ sets record time for 0-300-0 km/hr sprint

Koenigsegg One

In the world of supercars, speed and time play a very important role in a vehicle’s success. These high-powered and very expensive machines are only accessible to an elite few, who in these cars can simply blast off into the horizon from the word go. To get these super-fast cars to a halt, powerful brakes also play a major role to do the same on almost a dime.

The Koenigsegg’s Agera R set a Guinness World Record when it reached 300 km/hr from standstill and came to a complete stop in just 21.19 seconds (this is superbly fast). However, the same company recently bettered its previous result with the ‘Megacar’, which packs a staggering 1340 BHP under the hood.

Koenigsegg One speed record

Koenigsegg arranged for a short practice session for the new One: 1 supercar at their own test track that is located in Ängelholm, Sweden. Piloting the car was the company’s test pilot Robert Serwanski. The One: 1 which is valued at $1.9 million killed the Agera R’s previous record of going from 0-300 km/hr and then back to 0 km/hr. The run that was a part of a standard practice session was completed in just 17.95 seconds flat.

Koenigsegg One speed record 0-300 kmph

Adding to this astonishing figure, driver Serwanski even took his hands off the wheel when the car was travelling at a speed of 200 mph (320 km/hr). The Koenigsegg remained superbly poised even with the pilot not steering the car, showing the levels of engineering done on the supercar.

Coming to the timing, the One: 1 took 11.92 seconds to reach the 300 km/hr mark and then came to a complete stop in just 6.03 seconds. This shattered the previous record held by the Agera R by 3.24 seconds (which is quite a lot when talking about fast cars). For added safety, the particular model seen in the video has an additional roll cage that added 50 kgs to the overall weight of the vehicle. The released video is simply an amazing one and you must take a look at this masterpiece of a supercar.