Video: “INSANE” mode reactions on the Tesla model S P85D

Tesla model S P85D

Tesla model S P85D

The internet is filled with umpteen number of videos showing people`s reactions in fast cars. Whether it is the reaction of the turbo boost kicking in a sports car, or the reaction of experiencing the insane acceleration of the naturally aspirated Italian cars, you can see a number of them on YouTube.

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Recently on the YouTube channel Dragtimes, people`s reactions to a Tesla model S P85D were recorded. The car comes with an “Insane” mode where the torque of the electric motor kicks in at standstill at 0rpm. The reactions of the people taken by surprise are hilarious, and makes you realize how insane the “insane” mode really is. 0-60mph (100 kmph) in less than 3 seconds is “insane” literally. The video attached below makes you realize how quickly future technologies in automobiles has evolved, have a look and tell us what you think!