Video: Impluse Motorcycle Jacket with LEDs

Impulse motorcycle jacket image 1

You know what is more badass than wearing a black jacket and riding a bike? Wearing a black jacket with LED’s and riding!

Impluse has released a new leather biker’s jacket with LEDs. These LEDs light up when the brake or indicator is used. They are wirelessly connected to the bike and light up when the brakes are applied or while turning. This can be very helpful for people riding late into the night. The biker`s Jacket itself is developed by Syed Leathers in Orlando, who are specialists in leather racing suits.

Impulse motorcycle jacket

The biker`s jacket has rechargeable batteries, so you can plug it into a power-socket when it runs out. Some people might hesitate, but if you ride long distances on highways at night, you should consider getting one.

Attached below is a video to show you how it works, looks amazing according to us.