Video : Hear and see how this custom bike powered by a Lamborghini V12 engine sounds

Lamborghini Motorcycle

Yes, you heard that right, a bike powered by a V12 Lamborghini engine. Rub your eyes and read that again and pinch yourself, its true! At an event in Georgia called Cars and Caffeine, a man named Chuck Beck, who is known to make amazing Porsche 550 spyder replicas, slapped a 12 cylinder Lamborghini engine on a bike, and boy oh boy does it sound lethal.  

LamborghiniV12 Motorcycle

Carefully executed, this bike is a tribute to every custom fabricator in the world. Not exactly designed to be the most comfortable bike to ride, and would probably give u a back ache, but small details like how the radiators are mounted to spell the word “STEAMPUNK” or how the exhaust has been designed to look like a woman’s hair flowing with the wind. The Devils in the details!

 Lamborghinis are known for their big V12 Engines. The first Lamborghini with a V12 was the 350GT with a 3.5 litre V12, churning out about 270 bhp. The latest Lamborghini to sport the classic V12 is the much loved Avetador and Veneno. Both had a 6.5-litre V12, squeezing out about 700 bhp. Talk about evolution!

 The V12 claimed to be used on the bike is a 4 litre, flexing about 300 horses! Check the below video to hear how this V12 powered monster sounds.

Source : Boldride