Video: Under construction Skyscraper in London melts parked Jaguar XJ

Building melts Jaguar XJ in London image 1 (2)

Owning a Jaguar has its own set of bragging rights. When you own a Jaguar, you own a piece of legacy and a status symbol. One such bloke in London wasn’t so lucky though. While he left his car to be parked in Eastcheap, a District in London, the car showed signs of melting. This was caused due to the intense hi-heat reflected from a neighbouring glass shrouded 37-skyscraper nicknamed “Walkie-Talkie”, because of its shape.

Walkie Talkie building melts Jag

As a precautionary measure, the police had to restrict 3 parking bays which may maybe affected. The building authorities have agreed to pay 946Euros as compensation. The plastic bits on the car, the D-pillar, the mirror caps showed signs of melting. Heartbreaking! Watch the video to see how it happened!

PS: Viewer discretion is advised, you might feel sad to see a Jaguar melting and may have symptoms of depression!