Video: Can you keep pace with this new Honda commercial?

The advert starts with a countdown and requires the viewer to be really fast, quick and on your toes to keep pace with the video. A series of words appear on the screen in a flash and as you`re wondering what`s happening, you feel the need to push yourself that extra mile and all of a sudden you start understanding words as they vanish into a blur on the screen. This my friends is the new Honda commercial.

What you also see fly-by in the video is the new Honda Civic Type-R. Honda will be revealing the new Civic Type-R at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next month. The car is dubbed by the design team as the “racing car for the road”, with bold and aggressive styling showcasing the performance characteristics for which the hot hatch is renowned. The car will be powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine pumping out nearly 290bhp with a rumoured top whack of 270 km/h.

This blistering top speed is achieved by the Civic`s aerodynamic design which features a flat underbody, side skirts, a huge rear wing and rear diffuser to reduce drag and boost the car`s high speed stability. The car comes with 19 inch wheels and custom designed Brembo brakes to provide the required stopping power. The final showstopper in the video is the new Acura NSX which is arguably one of the best looking sports cars on the planet.