VIDEO: Broon F8 electronic sports car for kids

Broon F8 sports car front view

Broon F8 sports car for kids under 5

As a kid, I always wanted those small cars (in red only) in which you could pedal around. Boy those toy cars have come a long way. I wish I could go back to being a kid. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something like the Broon F8 series comes along.


Broon F8 steering wheel

Broon F8 sports car infotainment system

An electric sports car designed only for kids who are 5 and under. An amazingly designed electric sports car, with independent brakes and suspension. This car even has a 7-inch Android tablet that controls the cars infotainment system. THIS TOY CAR HAS IT’S OWN INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM! Yes you read that correct.

Parents can monitor their kids through Bluetooth connectivity and know of their whereabouts. The car is still in its prototype stage, and when it releases will burn a hole of 64,000 INR in your pocket. It says it’s for kids 5 and under, I’d still try to squeeze in!

Check out the video and start saving if you have a kid!