Video : Bajaj RE Tuk Tuk gets customized into a 100 bhp speed machine

There are many sorts of automotive fanatics around the world, who try their own design modifications, all sorts of mix and match technologies and various types of customizations to create their own unique custom vehicles. These custom cars range from small, to huge, astonishing to quirky. However, who can imagine fitting an auto rickshaw with a sports bike’s engine?

No matter how economical or convenient these auto rickshaws are for us Indians, we all surely hate these noisy and unstable three-wheelers that the auto drivers ply across the cities and towns. That said, some people always seem to be fascinated with the auto rickshaw, especially the foreigners who find these rickshaws as fascinating as our country itself.

Someone again seems to have actually taken fancy for these age old Indian transportation, and customized it with high power. This someone is named Colin Furze and he has posted a video on YouTube after custom fitting a Bajaj auto rickshaw with a Honda CBR600F sports bike engine which is capable of churning out a max power of 100 hp.

Colin seems to have caught on his fascination for the three-wheeler from its use in Far Cry 4. He had then decided to pep-up the always under powered auto rickshaw. For this, he actually used his personal Honda CBR600F Repsol superbike’s motor to power an auto rickshaw. Well, that should brilliantly power the small rickshaw and offer it with ample power. But, if someone asks what is the need of doing so? Well, no one knows the answer to this, but Colin himself. He simply does this for experimental fun, it is believed and his fancy for the rickshaws. He might be actually riding his new powerful customized rickshaw and enjoying it as well. However, there is no way to tell this, as the YouTube video uploaded by Colin only shows how he manages to equip the rickshaw with the Honda superbike’s engine, but does not show the rickshaw in action after being updated with the more powerful engine.

Actually Colin is the first person to think about this sort of customization and one can check out the YouTube video that shows how he manages to replace the original 150cc engine of the Bajaj RE auto rickshaw with a larger and more powerful 600cc motor that he removed from his Honda CBR600F motorcycle. The video also shows him replacing the rickshaws instrument panel, exhaust and tyres to give it a more comprehensive update. Phew!

Our good old auto rickshaws which are more often over crowded come with its standard low powered 150cc motors delivering 8.8hp power and 14Nm torque, but there’s no telling it from the way the super Indian rickshaw drivers drive them. Most of us must have experienced some hanging for our lives episodes, and we certainly can’t imagine a high powered auto rickshaw similar to Colin’s version!

That is not all, as Colin has uploaded another video where he fits weapons on the auto rickshaw. Wonder what he is up to!

Bajaj RE Tuk Tuk with CBR 600F engine image gallery –

Bajaj RE with CBR 600 engine


CBR 600F


Bajaj RE image 1


Bajaj RE


Bajaj RE with CBR 600 engine (2)


Bajaj RE image 2


Bajaj RE image 3


Bajaj RE customized


Bajaj RE speedometer


Source : – Colinfurze

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