Video: Aston and Jag involved in a cat and mouse game from James Bond Spectre

Aston Martin DB10 and Jaguar C-X75  car chase

Spectre is the next Bond movie featuring Daniel Craig that’s going to hit the theaters on November 6, 2015. That`s quite a long wait for a 007 movie, isn’t it? James Bond movies are quiet famous for their fast paced action sequences and car chases with the fantastic looking Aston Martin giving company to 007. What a car….. ehmmmm, let`s not drool over it now.

For James Bond fans a small feature film of the latest Bond franchisee “Spectre” has been released showcasing one of the big car chases filmed on set. From the clipping we have seen so far, the car chase sequence through the streets of Rome has garnered a good amount of screen time. While we`re not sure of the plot; I’m sure that`s not of any significance right now. What`s more important is the part where Bond in the Aston Martin DB10 is followed closely by a Jaguar C-X75 (V8 powered) driven by the movie`s bad man, Dave Bautista, around the streets of Italy at night.

This clip shows two incredible cars the Aston Martin DB10 and the Jaguar C-X75 involved in a cat and mouse game at night on the streets of Rome at great speed and the work involved to get this sequence filmed. This is the same sequence where Craig sustained a minor head injury while shooting.

Enough of reading, sit back and enjoy the video!