Victory Motorcycles unveil the Magnum X1

2016 Victory Magnum X-1 image 02

American motorcycle manufacturer Victory Motorcycles lifted the covers off their latest Bagger series of bikes, dubbed the Magnum X1. The bike was officially unveiled at the Daytona bike week 2015 by none other than alternate rock band Godsmack, which performed at the event. The Magnum X1 is the ultimate bagger, created for music lovers, who love riding.

2016 Victory Magnum X-1 image 03

Victory Motorcycles says the new bike is their loudest motorcycle till date. The Magnum X1 is equipped with a mind blowing 200 watt, 10 speaker system with Bluetooth, to provide heart thumping music for those long drives. Victory says the Magnum X1 is all about miles and decibels, and claims it is twice as loud as the Magnum and four times as loud as the Cross Country.

2016 Victory Magnum X-1 image 01

This gorgeous looking cruiser also has some interesting features to boast of, like the damn good looking 21 inch black billet wheels that have been shaped from a single block of aluminium. The Magnum X1 gets LED lighting which is 74% brighter than the Cross Country; it’s definitely a rock and roll laser show on two wheels!

The paint job too is loud. One look at the X1 and you`ll wonder if the paint was mixed by an equalizer. Red stripes on the black gloss paint simply make it stand out and the sheer size of the motorcycle only amplifies it further. A bike so loud and big needs a heart that is truly powerful, the 1731cc freedom 106 V-twin air cooled engine gives you the required entertainment when you twist the throttle.

Victory Motorcycle`s parent company, Polaris sells the Indian Motorcycles in India, and it would be interesting to see if the Magnum X1 makes it to our shores.

2016 Victory Magnum X-1 image 05