Uber launches very affordable cab service only for India


The taxi agency will be offering its new UberGo cab services in 10 Indian cities where the company already operates.

Uber Technologies has launched its new low cost cab services only in India. This affordable cab service named as the UberGo in India is a global first. India is Uber’s fastest growing market outside the US, and the company is now becoming a growing threat to the rival cab providers like TaxiForSure and OlaCabs. Uber Technologies said that its cab service will be so cheap that it can be compared to the charges of travelling by an auto rickshaw.

UberGo will offer its affordable cab services by using hatchback models that will transport customers with unbelievably low charges. The cab service will have a low base fare of Rs. 40, Rs. 11 to 12 per km and waiting charges at Rs. 1 per minute. These rates of the UberGo service is much less as compared against the base fare of Rs. 75, per km rate of Rs. 18 and Rs. 2 per minute of the UberBlack services which is the company’s premium cab service. The UberGo charges are even lower than the base fare of Rs 50, Rs. 15 per km and Rs. 2 per minute that is charged by UberX, which will become the company’s mid-range cab service. The taxi agency will be offering its new UberGo cab services in 10 Indian cities where the company already operates. The UberGo is a tailor made service exclusively for India, as the Indian taxi market is estimated to be worth around 9 billion dollars.

The General Manager for Uber, Gagan Bhatia said that the company is changing the way people use taxis for travelling, as the company wants people to use taxis for shorter distances as well. While auto rickshaws are used for short distance journeys, the company wishes to offer cab services for these short journeys with the same fare range as that of an auto rickshaw or in few cases even lesser than that. Bhatia added by saying that the company is entering the second innings of growth in the highly potential Indian market. The UberGo service drivers will be equipped with Huawei devices to access customer pickup requests. Uber also offers digital payment options by which the customers can also pay online, and all of this follows the Reserve Bank of India payment rules.

When enquired about the chances of these services being offered in the markets outside India, Bhatia said that the company’s new cab service UberGo aims at strengthening the company’s presence in the base taxi market of India where the market competitors are all offering slashed charges and are increasing competition in the process. The company is doing everything to make sure UberGo service offers a quality experience and investing in a market which the company is convinced of giving great opportunity. The company’s Asia operations head, Allen Penn told the media that the company sees India offering as a very big opportunity than any other market in the world, and the company will continue to customize products for India.