Two wheelers in India to have permanently lit headlights from April 2017

2016 KTM duke front

All new two-wheelers that will be manufactured in India from 2017 onwards should compulsorily feature automatic headlamps on (AHO) just like the DRLs (day time running lights) in cars, as per the new mandate laid down by government of India. With hopes to minimize fatal road crashes the government has made AHO compulsory; with this system riders won’t specifically have a switch to turn off the headlight as it will light up the moment the engine turns on. Reports reveal that two-wheelers is that single category of vehicle which suffers the highest number of fatal road accidents.

Highlighting the numbers here, 32,524 fatal road crashes occurred in the year 2014 and around 1, 27,452 people on road suffered injuries including the drivers. The Indian government is trying to follow the footsteps of most international two-wheelers where the headlights remain on at all times which in turn has significantly reduced crashes that involve two-wheelers. AHO has been a permanent feature of two-wheelers in European countries since 2003. Supreme Court of India earlier appointed a committee for road safety and has even recommended “Automatic Headlights On” as it was found instrumental in reducing road accidents involving two wheelers.

Experts on automobile safety emphasized that AHO increases the visibility of two-wheelers during dawn, day and dusk and it can be further boosted by optimizing the colour, intensity and luminosity of the lamp. If reports are to be believed transport ministry officials are now working to set new standards for all vehicles which in case of an accident alerts traffic police and people so that they can come to their rescue. Some countries have this special feature where in case of an accident the horn automatically starts as an alert, but here in India automatic blowing of horn will not alert people. Sources reveal that Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) that sets vehicle standards has given a detailed presentation to the transport minister Nitin Gadkari after the proposal was passed.

[Source – ETAuto]