Triumph Motorcycles Launches Limited Edition Rocket X In India

Triumph Motorcycles RocketX Limited Edition

The iconic Triumph Rocket III power cruiser has completed 10 years since it first went into production in the year 2004. To celebrate the milestone, Triumph Motorcycles has launched a limited edition version of the Rocket III, namely the Rocket X. The Rocket X is adorned by a custom Jet Black paint scheme which has been done by the world famous paint specialists, 8 Ball. The gloss black paintjob on the fuel tank is complemented by a grinded polished metal stripe to further enhance the bike’s theme. The motorcycle’s overall paintjob involves a painstakingly long and complicated process.

Triumph Motorcycles RocketX Limited Edition 02

This model is only limited to 500 units, with 15 units allocated for India and it has been priced at Rs. 22.21 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi). The unique feature of the Rocket X is the side panel badging which has a number for each of the 500 units.

Triumph Motorcycles RocketX Limited Edition 01

The twin-skinned black exhaust system is coated with high temperature resistance paint. A black shroud for the chrome ringed instrument cluster along with black coloured handlebars, gear levers and brake levers, makes the Rocket X stand out when compared with the Rocket III. Even the signature 5-spoke aluminium alloy wheels have been painted black, but they get a silver coloured pinstripe which is done by hand (imagine that). The Rocket X badging on the oil tank has been machined from a billet of solid aluminium using a CNC milling machine to add an exquisite premium finish to the same.

The Rocket X is powered by the same engine which is found on the motorcycle it is based on. The 2294cc three-cylinder engine makes a maximum power of 148 PS at 5750 RPM and a massive 221 Nm of torque at just 2750 RPM. This engine makes the Rocket X feature the world’s largest production engine for motorcycles at the moment, further adding to the revelation of this model.

So go ahead and book the Rocket X before others can get their hands on this unique masterpiece of a cruiser.