Toyota retains No.1 position for the third time in global vehicle sales, beats VW and GM

TOyota retains the top spot in global sales for Q1 2015

Last year Toyota sold 10 million vehicles globally

Japanese carmaker Toyota retained the top position in global vehicle sales after the first quarter (Q1) of 2015 and proved what is called as irony in a situation. With around 2.52 million products sold, Toyota managed to beat its rivals Volkswagen and General Motors. The interesting fact here is that Toyota on one hand was down by 2 percent (sales) as compared to last year, thanks to the drop in sales in Japan but it still managed to grab the first position.

Seeing Toyota in the top spot isn’t new, as the Japanese carmaker has been sticking to its No.1 position from the last three years. With this, the company pushed Volkswagen to the second position, which sold around 2.49 million vehicles during the first quarter of 2015. General Motors on the other hand, bagged the third position with its global sales figure of 2.4 million units. With these numbers, VW`s sales went up by almost 1.8 percent, while the GM’s sales also improved by 1.9 percent.

However, these three automakers make us believe that it’s not about the competition, but manufacturing worthy products, but the fact remains the same that one cannot deny the reality that these global automotive giants have been competing amongst themselves especially in new markets like China and India where the scope for growth is immense.

Success didn`t come easily to Toyota, as the company experienced a lot of problems in their business starting from the 2009-recall mess followed by Tsunami during 2011 in northeastern Japan, which disturbed the supply chain and factory production of the Japanese carmaker. Above all, Toyota is ready to flourish again and is all geared up to play it safe, to cut costs but maintain the high level of quality. By selling more than 10 million vehicles across the globe last year, Toyota became the first car manufacturer in the history of the automotive industry to achieve such a milestone.