TOP Five Car Movies Of All Time: Our Pick this week!

Top Five car movies of all time

Every single petrolhead out here on this planet has one car movie which he/she can watch over and over again without getting bored. You get connected to what`s being shown on the silver screen in such a way that you get completely isolated from the outside world.. There are some movies you see years later, but still know every dialogue and car chase/ race sequence , and still watch it with rapt attention and enthusiasm.

There are a number of amazing car movies, some with good a storyline and good car sequences, and some with bad stories but good car sequences. The important aspect is a good car sequence right?

So we thought we’d list down a few movies that are close to our heart, and if you are a true petrol head, you’d have seen them at one point of time in your life.

Here`s our list, along with the trailer of each movie. Sit back and enjoy!

1) The Fast and Furious

This movie needs no introduction. Everything about this movie was perfect. It was released back in 2001, and has since then snowballed into the multi billion dollar franchise it is now. It had the most iconic cars of both the JDM and American muscle category, and a fantastic story line. It was extremely sad that one of the actors, Paul Walker passed away doing what he loved best. Here praying he’s burning some rubber where ever he is.

2) The Italian job

This movie again needs no introduction. Old school mini coopers carrying out a heist. That is basically the story. Boy oh boy, was it executed and shot well. With all of its underground sequences and all that, Bollywood went ahead and tried remaking it for the Indian audience, but we prefer the original.

3) Days of thunder

This movie showed us that NASCAR was more than just cars going around in circles really fast! This was Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in their prime, and motorsport (and the dangers that accompany it) combined into one. Everyone is on the edge of their seats throughout the race sequences, and it still gets our adrenaline pumping every time we watch it (I bet you all agree).

4 ) Gone in 60 seconds

Nicolas Cage comes back to steal really, really expensive cars, in a short amount of time. This movie has a number of awesome cars, being driven ridiculously fast and we love it! The cherry on the cake is the end sequence. The Ford Shelby GT500 aka “Eleanor” being driven around like nobody’s business by Nicolas Cage is what really makes this movie a watch.

5) Rush

This movie shows how ruthless Formula 1 was in the 1970`s. No adherence to safety, just man and machine. It perfectly portrays the legendary rivalry between Nikki Laudu and James Hunt.

Note: Do not even go near a 4 wheeler after watching the above mentioned movies. It will cause your adrenaline to be high, which can result in screeching tyres, burning rubber and red lining the rpm.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

What are your favorite movies? Do mention it in the comments section below.