Why we think the Hero Impulse needs a bigger engine?

Hero Impulse

The Hero impulse was the first bike launched by Hero Motorcorp after it split ways with Honda. It was extremely well received by two-wheeler enthusiasts.  After it’s split, Hero invested a lot into R&D and a completely new segment was introduced.

The bike has looks to kill and a badge to recon with.  The Hero Impulse not only looks good, but also can put its money where its mouth is. The target audience of this bike is the urban youth, who can use it as a commuter bike on the weekdays, and trash it on mud roads on road trips on the weekend. The Hero Impulse has the perfect set up for both purposes. The bike has the rugged 2-stroke off roader look with the practicality of a 4-stroke commuter. Hero, which happens to be the largest 2-wheeler manufacturer in the world has done its research well and the end result has been a hit.

Hero Impuse Orange colour

If there is anything that goes down in the cons list of this bike is its engine. The Hero Impulse is powered by a 149.2cc Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder OHC motor, which churns out 13.2 PS @ 7500 rpm and 13.4 Nm of torque @ 5000 rpm. This seems a little laggy, when its counterparts like the pulsar and KTM have 200CC and 400CC engines (releasing soon). The engine is good, but it doesn’t pack a punch and it doesn’t do justice to the bikes ergonomics.

The Hero Impulse has been around for a while now, and reports online suggest a refreshed version with a bigger motor should be launched soon. The two motors that fit the bill for this bike, is the rev happy 223CC motor that does duty on the Karizma and the beastly 250CC engine developed for the HX250R.

Developing a new engine would mean higher cost of the end product. So the most likely motor would be the 223CC motor borrowed from the Karizma, as Hero would want to keep the 250CC motor exclusively for the HX250R. We would really like to see a bigger motor to do justice to this bike. Considering all of its competition has bigger engines, Hero is bound to notice. We hope they do at least, weekend dirt track races on a homegrown vehicle would be so much fun!