The Much Awaited Alfa Romeo Giulia Is Ready To Kill Its German Rivals

AlfaRomeo_Giulia 2015 01

Alfa Romeo has just introduced the Giulia to the international market at the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, near Milan. Celebrating the company’s 105th year in the automotive industry, the Giulia is a one-off exotic Italian beast that will most definitely give all entry-level German luxury sedans many sleepless nights.

Developed by a special team of engineers, designers and stylists known simply as the ‘Skunks’, these people are entrusted to take care of matters that are very important and technologically innovative. The ‘Skunks’ have indeed done a very good job on the Giulia giving the car a perfect 50/50 weight distribution along with a rear wheel drive layout. For this, the engine and other mechanical bits have been placed between the two axles and due to this, the vehicle has short overhangs on both ends, a long bonnet and other uniquely designed wing panels.

As a result of this architecture, the sedan has the longest wheelbase according to Alfa, but it still manages to be very compact. The teardrop shaped design and rounded angles all around reminds us about the iconic Giulietta Sprint model. Anyhow, Alfa Romeo is always know for simple and classic designs which is also evident on the Giulia. The trefoil nose has always been the company’s trademark design element and the whole car’s shape is reminiscent of a big cat that is just about to pounce, in Alfa Romeo’s words.

When talking about the interiors, everything stays as clean as the outside. Designed to be driver centric, majority of the controls are placed on the steering wheel itself. Other carefully designed elements include hand-crafted and premium materials like wood and carbon fibre. The top-end trim which carries the Quadrifoglio badge is powered by an engine that has been developed by people who have worked on Ferrari engines previously. The six-cylinder turbo petrol engine pumps out 510 HP, propelling the Giulia from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 3.9 seconds. According to Alfa, the amazing performance has been achieved while keeping the engine fuel efficient as well and the complete unit is made from aluminium to keep weight low.

Coming to the suspension setup, the rear has a multi-link system and the front features a new double wishbone suspension with semi-virtual steering axis which was developed to optimise the filtering effect and guarantee a rapid and accurate steering feedback. The crafted suspension keeps the sedan in control and poised when cornering at high speeds, providing utmost comfort and driving feel. Various technical toys such as one which controls the delivery of torque to each wheel and a new braking system are both controlled by the Chassis Domain Control, which assigns separate tasks to each unit enabling the car to drive like a dream. The Giulia comes with 4 driving modes – Dynamic, Natural, Advanced Efficient and naturally Racing (only on high performance versions).

Using lightweight materials such as a carbon fibre propeller shaft, roof and bonnet. Aluminium has been used for the engine, brakes, suspension, doors and wings as well. The braking system also includes many aluminium and carbon ceramic disc brakes, while the seats have a carbon fibre structural frame.

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