Tesla’s cars can self drive 90 percent of time, says Elon Musk

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

We have seen a rise in number of self driven cars for a while now. Various manufacturers have been reportedly testing different vehicles that can drive without much interference by the driver. We have seen Google test their prototype of self driving car and the electric car manufacturer Tesla has also been doing the same. For these self driven cars, various sensors provide information to the processor so that it can navigate around without any trouble. Tesla claims that their self driving car will be able to cover almost 90 percent of its travel on auto pilot and would need the help of a driver rarely.

Tesla is a famous electric car manufacturer. While electric cars are known to be dull and boring, Tesla is known to make some of the quickest and fastest electric cars. In fact their models can outrun many of the proven sports cars. The reason electric cars can manage to be this quick is the amount of torque their motors generate. A conventional engine powered vehicle has limited torque available at lower speeds and it increases as the engine rpms go up. In case of an electric vehicle, the torque is available right from the word go which make them quick off the line. This is the reason that current crop of supercars employ hybrid powertrain to make them even quicker and make the acceleration even brutal.

We went off topic a bit talking about all electric vehicles and hybrid supercars. The self driving cars might come out as soon as next year and will be able to navigate for 90 percent of the time by themselves. This has been revealed by Tesla boss Elon Musk. A large range of these miles would definitely be highway travel. We assume that these self driving cars might have trouble navigating through sections where the traffic and road data are insufficient.

Tesla`s self driving car makes use of various sensors placed around the car, various cameras that come with image recognition software, radars and long range ultrasonic devices. This allows the cars to get a very strong idea of what the surroundings are and how they are moving around. The information from all these sensors along with the data from navigation system determines how the car navigates around by itself. There is still a long way to go in this technology and it would still require human assistance.

Electric car maker Tesla has got some announcements lined up for October 9 where we might see some new models. The manufacturer is also expected to launch a new version of the Model S which will be an all wheel drive. The Model X was showcased earlier and received a lot of appreciation. It is also supposed to go official soon with its production model. Tesla recently made all its patents public for other electric car manufacturers to study and use in further development of electric car technology. This would bring in more advancement in this field making electric cars better.

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Model S