Tesla renders a stunning two-wheeler called Model M

Tesla-Model M by Jans Slapins 1

Have you ever imagined what would a motorcycle coming out from the Tesla portfolio would actually look like? The company’s top designer Jans Slapins has rendered one such electric motorcycle prototype that has been named as the Model M. Though only a concept which has been designed digitally, it gives us a peek into what Tesla is actually capable of doing in the two-wheeled department.

Tesla-Model M by Jans Slapins 2

Basically designed as a café racer, the bike has massive masculine panels with no gaps whatsoever giving an old school like styling. Having a single seat and an upright handlebar setup, the rear view mirrors have been given a classical look. Most of the bulk in the body comes as a result of the big battery that finds its way onto the middle of the motorcycle.
Powered by a 150kW electric motor, the Model M concept has a stack of lithium-ion batteries mounted very close to the ground within the aluminium frame, to keep the centre of gravity lowest. The bike has been given three riding modes – Race, Cruise, Standard, and Eco.

Tesla-Model M by Jans Slapins 3

As the Model M does not have a conventional fuel tank as other petrol run bikes, the fuel tank has been intelligently designed to act as a storage compartment which can comfortably pack in a helmet, bag pack or a laptop. One of the best design elements includes the ultra-macho alloy wheels that have been made completely from carbon fibre. The front suspension features upside down forks while the rear gets a monoshock setup. The bike does not get any transmission much like other electric two-wheelers.

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