Ten auto makers in US commit to make Automatic Emergency Braking a mandate

Volvo City safety system

Volvo offers the City Safety system on all its models

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have proclaimed that 10 renowned automotive companies have pledged to incorporate Automatic Emergency Braking as standard equipment on all newly built vehicles.

This particular feature comes into action in case of a crash, specifically the rear end crash where drivers fail to apply brakes or exert required braking pressure in order to avoid a crash. The AEB system uses inbuilt sensors like cameras, lasers or radars to recognize a looming crash and inform the driver, in case the driver could not take proper action, the equipment engages the brakes on its own. Commenting on the commitment, Secretary of Transportation, Mr. Anthony Foxx stated that the focus is now shifting from occupant safety to avoiding the crash from happening in the first place. He further said, these ten companies which include BMW, Audi, General Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Mazda, Tesla, Volvo and Volkswagen have committed to offer this feature on all new cars.

These companies will work closely with NHTSA and IIHS to implement the plan of offering AEB on the vehicles; this would also give inkling into the time taken to make this feature available as a standard fitment. Besides, IIHS and DOT are trying to convince trucking and light vehicle manufacturers to get automated vehicle technology on all the vehicles in US.

One of the vital features of this equipment is that it can make up for the mistakes of driver and avoid a crash since the system is agile throughout, sensing the path ahead without getting tired or exhausted. Moreover, this feature can also lessen the insurance injury claim by 35 per cent. NHTSA had asserted to include AEB among the various other requisite safety fitments mentioned in the list of New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).

Source – Latimes