TATA Tiago, is it the most value for money Hatchback?

TATA tiago vs maruti celerio vs hyundai i10 vs Chevrolet Beat - price comparison 1

The recently launched TATA Tiago seems quite a bargain for its introductory price of Rs 3.20 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi). With the Tiago, TATA Motors has showcased its new design theme known as the Impact Design, which the future models will also follow.

The Tiago will compete in the mid-size hatchback territory with the Maruti Celerio, Chevrolet Beat and the Hyundai i10.

Let’s have a look at how it compares with the Maruti Celerio, Hyundai i10 and the Chevrolet Beat –

PetrolTata TiagoMaruti CelerioHyundai i10Chevrolet Beat
Displacement1.2 litre1.0 litre1.1 litre1.2 litre
Power 84 bhp67 bhp68bhp79bhp
Torque114 Nm89 Nm99Nm108Nm
Efficiency23.84 kmpl23.1 kmpl19.81kmpl18.6 kmpl
Transmission5-speed manual5-speed manual/AMT5-speed manual5-speed manual
DieselTata TiagoMaruti CelerioChevrolet Beat
Displacement1.05 litre0.8 litre1.0 litre
Power 69 bhp46 bhp57bhp
Torque140 Nm125 Nm150Nm
Efficiency27.28 kmpl27.62 kmpl25.44 kmpl
Transmission5-speed manual5-speed manual5-speed manual

The Hyundai i10 is only offered in petrol, another let down for it.

Be it either petrol or diesel the Tiago has the most powerful and the torquiest motor, except for the Beat, beating the Tiago in the torque figure by a fraction. And despite that, the Tiago manages to be the most fuel efficient too.

Now comparing the most important aspect for this category, the Price –
Comparing the petrol variant prices (ex-showroom, Delhi) –

Tata TiagoMaruti CelerioHyundai i10Chevrolet Beat
XB - Rs 3.20 lakhLXI - Rs 4.03 lakhEra - Rs 4.37 lakhBase - Rs 4.33 lakh
XE - Rs 3.59 lakhVXI - Rs 4.33 lakhMagna - Rs 4.61 lakhLS - Rs 4.66 lakh
XM - Rs 3.89 lakhZXI - Rs 4.64 lakhSportz - Rs 4.90 lakhLT - Rs 5.13 lakh
XT - Rs 4.19 lakhZXI(O) - Rs 5.10 lakhNALTZ - Rs 5.60 lakh
XZ - Rs 4.75 lakhNANANA

Comparing the diesel variant  prices (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Tata TiagoMaruti CelerioHyundai i10Chevrolet Beat
XB - Rs 3.94 lakhLDI - Rs 4.82 lakhNABase - Rs 5.27 lakh
XE - Rs 4.29 lakhVDI - Rs 5.12 lakhNALS - Rs 5.62 lakh
XM - Rs 4.69 lakh
ZDI - Rs 5.43 lakhNALT - Rs 5.93 lakh
XT - Rs 4.99 lakhZDI(O) - Rs 5.90 lakhNALTZ - Rs 6.57 lakh
XZ - Rs 5.54 lakhNANA

Yes you read it correct, the Tiago is a whopping Rs 80,000 cheaper for the base petrol model when compared to its rivals; even the diesel Tiago base model is cheaper than the petrol Celerio base model.

Talking about Safety and Features-

The top spec variant of the Tiago comes with
• 8 speaker Harman audio
• Juke App for Mobile phone connectivity
• Dual airbags
• Cornering stability control

The top spec Celerio and the Beat are also equipped with dual airbags and ABS but the i10 lacks them.

Final Verdict : The TATA Tiago with its fresh styling, great performance and high fuel efficiency wrapped up with an aggressive price tag is the clear WINNER.

  • R K Panicker

    How Zest & Bolt do in market ? There was wide publicity to these two models before entry ? Now wait and see.