Tata Motors discards the Nano diesel development project

Tata nano

Tata Motors is now working on a more refined 3 cylinder petrol motor for the nano

The Indian car market is definitely still ruled by the diesel car models. However as the diesel fuel prices are being increased periodically and its price gap with petrol decreases, the diesel charm seems to be waning slowly. Moreover, diesel cars are more expensive and high on maintenance costs as compared to the petrol counterparts. Thus, the Indian car buyers are slowly moving away from the much loved diesel cars.

In such a situation, when diesel car demands are on the wane, car makers such as Tata Motors are dropping their diesel projects as these lose their feasibility. Indian car major, Tata Motors has discontinued the development of the Nano diesel for good, as the petrol and diesel fuel prices seem to be inching closer, making the production of the Nano diesel a lost cause.

The Tata Nano diesel has been a much anticipated car, which had been regularly spotted doing its test rounds. However, now that the project has been shelved by the company the Nano diesel will not make an appearance in the market. Reports say that Tata Motors has shelved the Nano diesel project indefinitely and the company’s Engineering Research Centre at Pimpri, Pune is now focusing on other projects. Apart from the Nano diesel, Tata Motors has also halted the development of the Magic Iris based quadricycle for reasons unknown.

The Tata Nano Diesel model has been always in the Indian automotive news for long now, and Tata Motors has been developing the project with a considerable time and of course money spent on it. It was reported that the new Tata Nano diesel is almost ready for launch and was expected to make official market launch next year. However, the project has now been stalled indefinitely owing to the fuel price increase of diesel and the automakers’ prediction of massively dwindling diesel car demands. This results in making the Nano diesel an impractical project in the long run. Moreover, the Nano diesel is an entry level budget passenger car with less travelling prospects which makes it a further impractical diesel car choice in the current high diesel price scenario.

Then again, the Nano diesel model will be equipped with a turbo diesel engine that would increase the Nano’s pricing, which again goes against the feasibility of the Nano diesel. Add to this, Tata Motors issues related to NVH or noise, harshness and vibration levels on the Nano diesel as the car came with a 2-cylinder engine, which stretched out the developmental delays.

All these problems clubbed together obviously made Tata Motors to come to the wise decision of discontinuing the Nano diesel project. Instead, Tata Motors is now focusing on a more refined 3-cylinder engine Nano project that will put more power and performance levels into the Nano petrol, making it a better competitor to the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. The upcoming 3-cylinder Tata Nano will come with new added features and revised styling and will also be more expensive than the current model.

Tata Magic IRIS

A quadricycle based on the Magic Iris has been completely scrapped for unknown reasons

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