Tata to launch 20 to 25 new platforms in the future

Tata Motors

The mood at Tata’s is upbeat though it is not doing well in India. However, its Jaguar division turned in whopping profits and passenger car exports showed an increase with commercial vehicle exports slowing down a bit. Overall, the buoyant mood is reflected in the statement made by Mr Ravi Pisharody, Head CV & ED at Tata`s that the company plans to introduce 20 to 25 new platforms. If the CNG and BS4 variants are taken into consideration, the number of products climbs up to 100. He said that the company’s production infrastructure is ready to take on challenges in the coming years and that investments have been made to develop new products amounting to about Rs. 1500 crores. However, he said that it will take six months or more for sales to pick up in the commercial vehicles area. Thankfully, the worst of recession is over and Indian as well as global markets are now springing back into action. Tata hopes to ride the crest of the wave.

The Jaguar Land Rover is proving to be phenomenally popular and driver of success for Tata`s followed by other passenger cars, sales of which rose to 49,001 as compared to 46,684 in July 2013.

Tata exported 45,000 vehicles for the previous year and plans to increase growth rate by 20 to 25% in the next five years, hopefully reaching a figure of 1,50,000 vehicles by then. Global exports, however, showed a decline of 8.46% for the company with sales amounting to only 80,151 units as compared to 87,566 units sold in July 2013. Though commercial vehicle sales declined by 23.8% the company is still upbeat about future prospects.