Suzuki Motorcycles India to bring more premium bikes and CKD products to India

We all know for the fact that the two-wheeler segment in the country is booming with good models and brands. As we know, Suzuki’s two-wheeler strategy in the Indian market has been kind of strange. Even though they manufactured high quality products like the Heat and the Zeus commuters, as their first products, they couldn’t manage to excite the consumers. Yet another try with the GS150R, a functional motorcycle did not bring the desired results.

Suzuki GSX R1000

But the scenario seems to be changing now. In the two-wheeler segment, the Suzuki Access and now the Swish and the let’s continue to gather volumes, Suzuki`s CBU products like the Hayabusa and GSX-R1000 have also contributed to the company’s volumes in a small way. After a lot of trials, Suzuki Motorcycles India seems to be clear in its thought and plan process. For the fact, the contribution made by Hero and Honda in the commuter and volume segment is remarkable; on the other hand, it is very hard for Suzuki to make its space in the same segment. Hence Suzuki has made up its mind and will not focus on commuter motorcycles in the near future.

Instead, the Japanese two-wheeler maker is looking forward to target the upper end of the motorcycle market in the country. As the premium bike market has shown growth in the country, the demands are rising day by day and due to less number of manufacturers targeting this segment, it has resulted in high scope for profit. As per reports Suzuki is not keen on divulging its future plans, but it is clear that the company wants to target the premium motorcycle segment with interesting products.

One main mantra that Suzuki is planning to focus on, which will drive it to make its way to the premium segment is —Innovation. The Suzuki Gixxer SF as one of the examples is a naked bike with fairing as an add-on. As the CKD assembly line is unused at the moment, without a doubt, Suzuki will be using it in their long-term product plan. This clearly indicates that presently there is no assembly of products by the automaker in India but we can shortly expect the company to start using this assembly line in the near future.

Without discussing more about its plans and future goals, Suzuki wants to continue focusing on the volume segment space, but hold on, it’s the 500cc – 1000cc bikes that the company will focus on!