SUV’s will form the major chunk of Nissan’s portfolio in India

We all know that Nissan is big time into SUV’s across the world and some of its products like the PATHFINDER have been a roaring success in many countries. The only product from the Nissan stable which is doing good numbers in India is the Terrano. The Sunny and micra though good products have not been able to crack Indian market for whatever reason.

Nissan in India, and the Middle East and Africa, has a new boss. And Takashi Hata, Chairman for all these mentioned regions, needs to get Nissan in India not just on its feet, but up and running. Takashi Hata believes that growth in India will come through SUV’s and as you know there is an ever growing demand for SUV’s in the Indian market. Nissan believes that selling SUV’s is easier not just because Indians love SUV’s but because Nissan itself, all over the world, is known as one the most competent and successful SUV makers.

We can expect to see more SUV’s from the Nissan and to bring in the volumes and price the products competitively Nissan will assemble the products in India. There will be the Qashqai, which will be assembled in India and the X- trail might make a comeback in the near future.

Nissan is also trying hard to improve its dealer network in India and the first step it has done to better this is taking the distribution channel under its own wing from Hover. Nissan aims to revive the brand in India and open 200 dealerships. Team motorcruze would love to see the Qashqai in India and see how it performs against the CRV and Captiva.

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