Steelbird launches AIR Helmet with Ventilation System, Priced at Rs.1, 199

Steelbird AIR 2

There is finally some respite for two-wheeler riders who travel in hot weather. Steelbird has introduced a new kind of helmet called “AIR”, which is equipped with a ventilation system in order to provide relief to the riders during summer season. With three air vents at the front for inflow of air and two exhaust vents at the back, it is the perfect helmet to keep your head cool in summers while riding.

Steelbird AIR 4

Steelbird claims that the helmet`s EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner circulates cool air over the rider’s head before it actually goes out via the exhaust vent at the back. Along with this feature, the company is offering the Steelbird Air helmet in 14 different color schemes with a number of different interesting graphics to choose from. The helmet`s visor ratchet system is also easily replaceable if it is damaged.

This interesting season based helmet is available at a starting price of INR 1,199. So what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself one, before you go for your next ride in the scorching heat.

Steelbird Air Helmet Image Gallery :

Steelbird AIR 2


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