Spy Cars & Win Prizes

Share spied shots to win prizes

Here’s a chance to win some quick cash if you have spotted a bike or car testing. We will reward you with cash and also credit you by mentioning your name in the post.

A few requirements that need to be met:-

  1. The pictures shared by you should not be a copyright of someone else. 
  2. The pictures you share with us should not be shared with anyone else. It should be original.
  3. The pictures should be clear and have good resolution.
  4. Please mention the place where the pictures were taken.
  5. If we use the pictures, we will reward you with a cash prize.
  6. The vehicle spotted by you should be a test vehicle.
  7. The spy shots taken should be of a new test vehicle.

A typical test vehicle can look similar to the one shown in this page. Test vehicles have camouflage, featuring red number plates and no logo.

You can get in touch by mailing us at –