First ever exclusive spy images of the new Ford Figo compact sedan interiors


Ford Figo compact sedan front view

The new Ford Figo compact sedan gets the Aston martin like front grille

As per reports the new Ford Figo compact sedan to be launched by Ford, is going to be based more on the previous Fiesta rather than the Figo. The car has been spotted testing, and looks impressive. The current Fiesta wasn’t quiet a looker, but was impressive mechanically. Ford vehicles have always been driver-oriented cars, and the Fiesta wasn’t an exception. The only reason it didn’t do so well, was because of its looks and pricing. The driving dynamics of the car were spot on, only if it was designed better and was priced better.

Ford Figo compact sedan dashboard

The centre console looks similar to the one on the Ecosport

The interiors of the new, soon-to-be launched Figo compact sedan were spotted online. The center console has an impressive layout and look. The console also has a docking station for a mobile phone, this way the cars infotainment system and the mobile will be in sync. This will also enable the driver to attend calls, without actually having to use the phone. But the only hiccup is that this feature might only be available on the top-spec variant. The pictures show two front air bags, which is only seen in top-end variants.

The new Ford Figo compact sedan will be powered by both petrol and diesel motors. The Ford stable comprises of the 1.0 liter EcoBoost and 1.5 liter diesels. Only hoping Ford gets the driving dynamics right like they always do, and hopefully price it at par with the competition.

Ford Figo compact sedan spy shot

Unlike other compact sedans the boot is well integrated to the car and doesn’t look like an add on.

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