Say hello to the Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid  06

Renault didn’t exactly make a dent in the Indian automobile market immediately. It took a few hits and made a few mistakes. The French carmaker turned things around with the launch of the Duster SUV. The vehicle was an immediate success, and Renault was taken seriously as a competitor henceforth.

Renault now wants to conquer the small car segment. It is targeting Hyundai and Marutis entry-level offerings. It has developed a small car, with a SUVish feel. The Kwid looks like an SUV, and has borrowed a lot from its elder brother`s design flow. The big grille (without chrome though) and huge headlights make it look like the Dusters younger brother. The flared wheel arches and sporty plastic cladding make it feel rough and tough.

The Renault Kwid gets all our approval from the outside, and doesn’t disappoint on the inside as well. The small car has a lot more room as compared to its counterparts. It has decent plastic fittings, and a quality looking center console. The higher variants are said to come equipped with a navigation system as well. This would be a first in its class.

The Kwid has a small 3 cylinder, 800 cc mill being used as its power horse. No power figures have been mentioned, though we should say it would be more than enough to provide decent performance in the city, and return a good fuel average. Transporting this power to the front wheels is a 5-speed manual transmission box, with no mention of an auto box by the company. We expect an auto box variant to be offered as an option a little later on though.

You can expect this car to be launched during Diwali, with a price tag of Rs 3 Lakh for the entry level variant and Rs 4 Lakh for the higher variant. The Renault Kwid is the car other manufacturers should be scared off, since it ticks most of the checkboxes at this price point.

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