Royal Enfield in the process of developing two new engines : Today`s bike news

Royal Enfield has been witnessing an all-time high in the Indian two-wheeler market. With their growing market share and rise in popularity, the Chennai based manufacturer is planning to expand its portfolio of offerings and address a much larger part of the motorcycle market. Having entered the market almost six decades ago (which is a very long time), Royal Enfield bikes are accompanied by a fair share of problems as well. With reliability being one of the main cause for concern, the build quality of Royal Enfield motorcycles has always been a very big disappointment.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500


However, the unique retro look of Royal Enfield motorcycles has made the company reach new heights. For the same reason, the company is also looking to enter many overseas markets so sell its products. All of us are aware that Royal Enfield is not going to stop here. As a result, Eicher Motors (the parent company of Royal Enfield) managing director and CEO, Siddhartha Lal, has revealed that Royal Enfield is developing two new engines that will find their way onto multiple new products. These new products will be introduced in the Indian market by 2016.

The two new engines will have their capacities ranging from 250 cc to 750 cc. But, the motorcycles that will be getting these engines will not be performance oriented machines. The future products will instead hold on to the customary traditions of Royal Enfield motorcycles. To carry out this move, the company will be making an investment of Rs. 500 crores towards research and development, capacity expansion, new product development and for setting up two technology development centres in Chennai and UK. Royal Enfield in the meantime will continue investing to become a global leader in the mid-size two-wheeler market. Currently, the company sells more than 97 percent of its motorcycles in India and has witnessed a huge 62 percent growth in exports in the first quarter of last year.

Let’s hope that Royal Enfield does revamp its upcoming products, making them more reliable. This will only help the brand gain a better image in the Indian market and enable the company to sell more premium motorcycles in the future.