Rolls Royce Phantom eighth generation revealed

The 112-year-old auto manufacturer unwrapped the highly anticipated eighth generation Rolls Royce Phantom. Rolls Royce Motor Cars added another vehicle to their portfolio after almost 14 years. And the outcome was totally worth the wait.

New rols royce phantom revealed image 1

The eighth generation Phantom has all new tailor-made architecture. It gives the guarantee to be the most technologically advanced car Rolls Royce has ever produced with its new redesign, powerful personality and personalized gallery. This particular model has been developed over 6 years and is the first Phantom with aluminum space-frame architecture.

There are many high end, opulent cars in the market, yet since Sir Henry Royce introduced the Phantom series in 1952, it became the definitive choice of the most glamorous, significant and powerful to travel in style.

Rolls Royce philosophy of “Architecture of Luxury” will be seen for the first time in this generation of the Rolls Royce Phantom. The many advantages of this new philosophy are extended wheelbase bodies, efficient production of standard, increased stiffness, uncompromised exterior surface and lightness. It’s said that the eighth generation Phantom will be 30% more firm than its older generations.

The design director of Rolls Royce Motor cars, Giles Taylor said that the Phantom is going to be the personification of effortless style. It’s going to conjure all the rare magic with the already existing luxury car company has and raise it to a whole new level. The eminent design legacy that Rolls Royce has in addition to the modern and revitalized next gen Phantom will be the beginning of the new era for Rolls Royce.

The characteristic phantom grille is completely redesigned and restyled, and is the heart and soul of this new design philosophy. It is raised half an inch higher. The frosted graphic headlights come with Daytime driving lights and an unconventional laser light system that releases light up to 600 meters at night.

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The 2:1 proportion is retained and can be observed from the side of the Phantom. The long and flowing rear and short upright front are features of a typical Phantom. You will get the feel of looking at a 1950s and 60s range of Phantom when you look at the amazingly designed flowing rear profile. The rear glass, enclosed by a constructed stainless steel frame, is more raked and the rear lines are suave, while a delicate border on the rear roof line floats above the occupants for extra headroom.

New rols royce phantom revealed image 2

The double RR badge is etched on the jewel like tail lamps; they crease to the boot lid to seam the more distinct stainless steel boot lid finisher. Rolls Royce has provided the largest alloys we have ever seen on the new Phantom with 22-inch wheels. The Rolls Royce 8th gen calls itself “The Gallery” and its features include a all-round visibility including helicopter view, 4-camera system with Panoramic View, Night Vision and Vision Assist and Alertness Assistant,

Furthermore, the new Phantom boasts of, the latest navigation and entertainment systems, pedestrian warning, cross-traffic warning, lane departure and lane change warning, collision warning, an industry leading 7×3 high-resolution head-up display, Active Cruise Control, WiFi hotspot, and of course. It also has a sensor that permits the door to open automatically. The customer is treated to an atmosphere of the most exquisite and modern of materials.

The other features that we see inside the eighth-generation Phantom are center consoles, dashboard and picnic tables and the high gloss, intricate yet solid bespoke wood paneling for the door interiors. Rear Picnic tables and Rear Theatre Monitors, can be seen behind the wood paneling on the rear of the front seats are the which operate at the touch of a button, guaranteeing an uncompromised theatre experience.

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Additionally, the areas throughout the interior are now heated including the front door armrests, front center console lid, lower C-Pillar, rear side armrests with all individual seats, and rear center armrest. At the front, Rolls Royce has embraced a more futuristic approach to clearer instruments for the driver. A 12.3 inch TFT color displays with LED backlighting now communicate all driver information from within the round chrome surrounds.

The company claims the new Phantom is the most soundless motorcar in the world. The luxury brand has provided its customer a 6mm two-layer glazing all around the car, more than 130kg of sound insulation; the largest ever cast aluminum joints in a body-in-white for better sound insulation, and use of high absorption materials. With the emphasis on producing the most silent motorcar in the world, a completely silent engine is also necessary, and that means more low-end output at lower revs.

Rolls Royce has built a totally innovative, 6.75-litre V12 powertrain, which has two turbochargers. The engine bangs out 563bhp and 900Nm of torque supported by a ZF 8-Speed automatic gearbox.