Robbie Maddison`s Pipe Dream; surfing the waves with a KTM dirt bike

Robbie Maddison surfing with a KTM

Water, is one surface that wheels have not really been able to conquer for a very long time. Many have built amphibian cars that can also travel on water, but they actually double up as boats on the visual front to say the least. Moving forward, many adventure purists would also have considered driving two-wheeled machines in water as well, but to no avail. However, one freestyle biker has conquered the impossible.

According to a YouTube video, Robbie Maddison just took his partially modified KTM dirt bike for a spin in the ocean, surprising isn’t it? Taking help from his sponsors DC Shoes, the pro biker took to the beautiful islands of Tahiti for shooting a commercial that showcases his talent of riding a dirt bike in water.

Robbie Maddison’s motorcycle sponsor KTM and DC developed a custom KTM dirt bike which has ski-like boards attached to the motorcycle enabling him to glide over water at high speeds without sinking. The rear tyre has also been modified and features massive, what can be called as blades that work efficiently well to power the two-wheeler across the ocean. Robbie not only rode on a flat water body, but also took to conquering massive waves in the ocean with his dirt bike which does look quite amazing in the video.

The video has been titled as “Pipe Dreams” and catches the rider driving across the French Polynesia in a three and a half minute video. The video is truly one of a kind and also shows the wonderful beaches of Papara and Teahupoo. So take a look at it and let us know what you feel in the comments section below.

PS – Don’t try these stunts at home.