The Revotron Engine from Tata: Something Special?

Tata is a household name in India, a name you can trust for quality. As an automaker, Tata has shifted into top gear, the prized acquisition of the Jaguar Land rover being just one feather in its cap. Well on its way to becoming a global player in the automobiles segment, Tata has 11 technical centres spread across five countries in its bid to establish itself as one of the top automakers in the world. It pins high hopes on the Revotron engine now powering the Zest in a bid to recapture declining market share in India. What makes the Revotron so special and will it deliver the goods for the company?


revotron engine

Revotron is a mix of two words Revo and Tron. Revo stands for revolution and Tron is for balance according to Tata Pundits. This 1193 cc engine is a totally new design, the out come of intensive R&D by a staff of 6000 engineers in its various tech centres. The turbocharged engine peaks in at 5000 RPM with 90 PS and delivers a 140 Nm torque in the range of 1750 to 3500 RPM. At 1700 RPM the turbo kicks in seamlessly and a slight push to the accelerator should have your car leap forward with a burst of energy. Instead of the newer 4 valve design, the Revotron features a simpler 2 valve per cylinder SOHC configuration but the bore stroke configuration of 75mm x 67.5 mm delivers smooth torque at a compression ratio of 9:1. Bosch delivered engine management system and the microprocessor controlled Revotron can be set to City, Eco and Sport modes with City being the default. Also involved in the development are AVL who kicked in with the intake system to keep emissions within permissible limits, and ElringKlinger, a Pune based company famous for its expertise in development of asymmetric pistons with PVD coated piston rings for reduced friction, improved combustion and power delivery features. Tata claims it is one of the finest and smoothest, fuel efficient petrol engines it has created so far and that it compares well with any engine in this segment from the top automakers.

The Zest is Tata’s latest baby powered by the Revotron and initial test drives show the engine is a smooth performer when mated with the manual transmission. Intelligent selection of the three modes helps drivers get the best throttle responses and flawless performance. The petrol Revotron is aimed at the world markets but will it prove to be a game changer for Tata?


Picture Source : Tata