Renault to debut its next-gen 800cc petrol motor in India with a brand new hatchback

Renault 800cc engine

This new 800cc engine from Renault will power the XBA hatchback

The Indian car market is definitely a very happening place for new cars, and the global auto majors are all flooding the domestic market with their new offerings. India is getting many new car models launched almost every month especially in the recent past as the car maker’s wanted to make the most out of this year’s festive season. Now, though the festive season is over, several more new car launches are in the pipeline to take place by the end of this year. Moreover, as the Indian car market has finally emerged out of its long slowdown and is steadily growing, car makers are all eager to offer new products to boost sales.

French car maker Renault is not far from this new car launch race in India. The car maker’s Duster SUV has been a massive hit and it is expected to garner more volumes with its recently launched new Duster with AWD system. Renault India is now ready to expand its product portfolio and is busy developing a new affordable hatchback. The new Renault hatchback on the anvil is still codenamed as the XBA. However, the interesting fact about the XBA’s is not its small size or its low price tag, but its new engine. Renault India is going to debut an all new compact and fuel efficient petrol engine under the hood of the upcoming XBA hatchback. The new engine from the house of Renault is codenamed as the BR-8, and has a displacement of 800cc. This all new 3-cylinder petrol mill will be responsible for providing power to the hatchback. Though the XBA will be a low cost car, Renault is not compromising on the engine quality, as it will be featuring dual-cam and 4-valves per cylinder setup, which will definitely make it a refined motor. Renault is also employing a brilliant advanced design for both the engine and the car which should together ensure superb efficiency and excellent power.

The news does not end here though, as the new Renault hatchback with the newly developed petrol engine is also going to come along with the option of an AMT transmission (automated manual transmission). This will make the new car from Renault India a direct competitor of the newly launched AMT equipped Maruti Suzuki Alto K10. Thus, Renault will surely be keeping a close watch on the market success of the new Alto K10 AMT option in the next few months. Moreover, Renault might launch a bigger engine for the XBA in future which could be a 1 litre petrol mill codenamed as the BR10.

The new upcoming Renault XBA will most probably be petrol only hatchback as the diesel engine option has been ruled out so far. This is because the engine bay of the XBA is designed to house only the BR series of small engines, and Renault has shelved the plans of a 3-cylinder diesel engine.

The Renault XBA hatchback is expected to be tagged at around Rs. 3 lakhs, and will be launched in 2015.

Source :- Autocarindia

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